Arbor, Pergola, and Shade Structure Design in Fort Smith

Arbor and Pergola design and installation in Fort Smith - Anchor Decks of Fort Smith

The arbors and pergolas we build at Anchor Decks of Fort Smith are the most reliable in the industry. If you are tired of watching your property’s exterior space look bare and tired in Fort Smith, AR, the solution is at hand. You don’t want to wait any longer.

We can quickly transform the most barren of landscapes with our arbors and pergolas. We have some of the best arbor builders in the business. We can also say the same about our pergola builders. Don’t you think it would make sense to improve your hardscape installation now by leveraging their combined knowledge and experience?

Plantscapes and hardscapes are two different types. Those are the two main aspects of landscaping, and the professionals at Anchor Decks of Fort Smith can help you improve them both wherever you are in Fort Smith, AR. We will help you choose the right arbor or pergola depending on your landscaping needs.

There are many types of pergolas that can be found in gardens that provide shaded walkways, passageways, and sitting areas. They are composed of vertical posts and cross-beams. Occasionally, woody vines are encouraged to grow naturally by the addition of a sturdy open lattice.

The pergola is not always freestanding, unlike an arbor. In addition to enclosing and beautifying long, twisting walkways and overhangs, these structures are more substantial than arbors. Pergolas, however, can be used for growing plants like arbors. You will want to wind vines through the open roof structure of pergolas after seeing our custom designs.


Difference Between Pergolas, Pavilions, and Gazebos

Pergolas with a roof are often called pavilions. Although the two are quite similar in design, a pavilion is actually a freestanding pergola with a fixed roof that covers the pergola completely.

In a landscape or garden, an arbor serves as a shelter, a privacy screen, a source of shade, or as a decorative element. We can create arbors that fit your landscaping. The garden area can be divided, and if necessary, traffic can be directed. Their ceilings and walls are made up of an open framework for vines of any type.

As a freestanding structure, your Fort Smith, AR arbor can serve as the entrance to a portion of your garden or yard. Another could be used as a small shelter with plants climbing and winding up and over the top. Similarly to trellise, we can customize your pergola to fit your outdoor space perfectly and to accommodate climbing roses, ivy, and other plants.

Make way for a sitting area with a freestanding pergola, one that does not attach to a home or another structure. These pergolas can also provide shade from the sun.

Pergolas allow sunlight to pass through their slatted roof, whereas gazebos provide full solar protection. We provide partial shade and shelter with our pergolas over a garden or pathway. There is plenty of space for plants and vines to grow on the checkered wooden roof.

In addition to custom pergolas, we also offer ready-made pergolas in Fort Smith, AR that can be used to shade your patio, fireplace, or fire pit. Even better, check out our Fort Smith, AR promotional plans for the season.

Arbors and pergolas are usually larger because pergolas are designed to fit over patios or decks. Arbors and pergolas can be made from wood, metal or vinyl. To shade them, you can use climbing plants or vines. Bamboo or linen can also be used as protection.

We offer an average arbor kit that will help you save money. However, custom arbors cost more.  Additionally, we offer a wooden arbor with a classic arch that is highly sought after.  We offer early-bird discounts, so the cost can be lowered substantially.

Are there any empty side yards in your neighborhood? With an artsy sandbox, our arbor swing will benefit the property. In Fort Smith, AR, we can install this for you.

Add value to your Fort Smith, AR property with arbors and pergolas that will make your neighbors envious. We have special offers and limited-time plans that can help you get the most out of your investment. Call now to get a free quote.