Fort Smith’s Patio Cover Design and Installation

Beautiful Patio Cover in Fort Smith - Anchor Decks of Fort Smith

For many years, Anchor Decks of Fort Smith has been blazing a trail in patio cover design and installation. Due to this, many of our customers in Fort Smith, AR and the surrounding areas have us on speed dial. Otherwise, they may have our business card on their refrigerator.

It’s likely you’re wondering what are the best patio covers on the market? Based on your specific needs, there are many options to choose from. In any case, you’d be better off settling for a product that combines the best of all three materials. Alternatively, choose a patio cover that is as strong and light as regular aluminum panels without the heat issue. Choose a product that mimics natural wood’s look and feel, but doesn’t require painting.

You might wonder whether custom covered patios are worth their cost. We believe patio cover design and installation can significantly enhance your property’s curb appeal regardless of whether you live in Fort Smith, AR or anywhere else. In the long run, this will add value to your investment, particularly when it comes time to sell. A patio cover allows you to enjoy the outdoors more. You won’t have to worry about the weather when you have a covered patio. In the rain or hot sun, uncovered patios are often inaccessible. You can reclaim control of your patio space by investing in a patio cover. It doesn’t matter whether you choose aluminum, glass, vinyl, or faux wood for your custom covered patios, adding retractability features will give you more control. It’s like having a convertible car.

In addition to brightening your home’s interior, a covered patio is a great feature. The UV-blocking properties of some of our covered patios allow sunlight through without accompanying heat. Consequently, you don’t have to close your blinds or draw the curtains just to maintain a comfortable interior temperature. In the comfort of your own home, custom covered patios provide a place for gathering, entertaining, and personal time. Having a covered porch is a space that your family and friends will love. You might not realize it, but a covered patio protects your furniture. Patio furniture and cushions won’t get warped by the sun or damaged by rain. As a result of this protection, you won’t have to scramble to pull away things in inclement weather.

You will be able to keep your outdoor space dry and mildew-free with a covered patio. The weather may not be under your control, though. But that doesn’t mean you can’t grill a steak or curl up with a good book. No matter what the weather, you can enjoy your patio. Does that sound good to you?

The designs we develop to protect residential decks from heat and UV rays consider these factors. A covered porch offers superior protection from the elements compared to arbors or pergolas without awnings.

How about horticulture? You can extend the growing season by using patio covers. You can extend the season significantly by using custom covered patios from Anchor Decks of Fort Smith. This will allow your plants to grow more slowly, and your blooms will last longer.

We can provide you with an estimate for patio covers, porch covers, deck covers, and other patio covers. You can enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. At Anchor Decks of Fort Smith, we can create patio covers, retractable glass walls, and glass balconies anywhere in Fort Smith, AR. We stand behind all our patio covers with our warranty package, which includes a thorough pressure test.

Each home, backyard, and patio is unique, which is why we offer custom covered patios. Having worked in Fort Smith, AR and its surrounding communities for many years, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all patio covering solution. Customized covered patios are our specialty. We offer free consultations. Call now to get a free quote.